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Berlin is known for its diverse comedic talent from throughout the world. Below you can find profiles of just some of the talented comedians who regularly visit or host events at the Wall.​
Anna Beros

Anna Beros is a standup comedian writing and performing in Berlin. She hosts Döner Comedy and Glory Hole Comedy and has entertained crowds across Europe, London and Melbourne.


A kiwi and a reluctant Aussie, her laid back playful stage presence delivers the raw brightsides of life as she lives it.

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Zackarias Branzell

A comedian, podcaster (The superior podcast, Zac interviews the stars and writers room to nowhere), host (Adorable Creatures and Adorable Idiots), producer, lover and a friend. He grew up in the north of Sweden 2 hours by plane from the closest comedy club. So he got started late but with a vengeance.

His comedy has been described as “funny” and “good” comedy by people who like his comedy. Leaning on crafted jokes for the ones listening. Voices and faces for the ones who aren't.

Carmen Chraim

Born and raised in Lebanon, Carmen wins over crowds with her high energy presence & rapid-fire anecdotes.


Thanks to her Middle Eastern background, passion for hummus, deep experience with corporate Germans and sarcastic political views, she’s often seen as an alternative Arab success story that hasn’t yet been discovered by the media.


Carmen used to produce many popular comedy shows in Berlin, but got so tired of trying to decipher Facebook ad algorithms, that she stopped being a producer and decided to focus on comedy!

Dragos Cristian

A citizen of the world who appeals to an internationally minded crowd, Dragos is a Romanian stand-up comedian who started his comedy journey in the wonderful country of Singapore, one of the most vibrant stand-up scenes in Asia!

Having done shows in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Estonia, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Romania he is now coming to The Wall to perform regularly! With a very unique style of comedy that can be described as Dark BUT Cute he recounts with his experiences travelling all over Asia and Europe.

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Vidura Rajapaksa

Vidura Rajapaksa is a Sri Lankan stand-up comedian and writer currently based in Berlin who uses his ingenuity, audacity, and wit to bring issues such as politics, race, relationships, culture, Disney movies, and more.

He has performed stand-up comedy for over two years throughout Europe and has both headlined and hosted his own specials.

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Tyrone Stallone

Tyrone Stallone is an American comic from Los Angeles. He has performed in the USA, Asia, and all over Europe.


He has been a supporting act for Ari Shaffir (Comedy Central This Is Not Happening), Phil Nichol (Everybody’s Talking About Jaime), Grianne McGuire (The Now Show), Paul F. Taylor (Animal Antics), Rell Battle (Jeff Ross Presents: Roast Battle) and Sam Jay (Saturday Night Live).


His comedy has been called “full of positive energy” “masterful storytelling” and “switches in and out of characters quite easily”.

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Lena Stolby

Lena Stolby is a Russian comedian who is good at talking and bad at life. Russia was too small for her comedic talent, so she chose Germany instead, as geography was never her strong side. She's been a part of Berlin's comedy scene since 2015, which is longer than she ever managed to maintain a relationship. 

Lena currently hosts two weekly shows: Last Stand Comedy and Comedy Therapy - Berlin’s only show where comedians solve the problems of the audience.

Foster Yow

A comedian from Texas, Foster has performed comedy in Berlin since 2017. He started the Wall and tells tales of life in west Texas and the differences between the United States and Germany.

Tyrone and Daniel Olel Comedy

Tyrone and Daniel Comedy are a team of hilarious international comedians and comedy show producers. Bringing to you shows like Crazy Stupid Berlin, one of our most popular comedy shows and also one of the best comedy shows in Berlin.

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